What is Resquare?#

Resquare is a declarative UI library for spigot plugin written in kotlin. This library is inspired by the React functional components and hooks.

Resquare allows you to declare your UI with CSS flexbox layout, it will be used to calculate the size of elements with stretch, and render the elements into inventory items.

If you have some experience in web frontend development, congratulations, you will find it is very easy to get started.

Feel free to find us at discord if you have any questions or anything to share.

Is Core DI a prerequisite of Resquare?#

No, Resquare is an independent plugin that does not depend on any plugins.


Reusable component

Allow to define your own component with logic and reuse it as you want

Flexbox layout

Layout the inventory from element flexbox attributes

Multi-threads rendering

Support multi-threads component and style rendering (experimental)

Inspector and Profiler

Easy-to-use element style debugger and performance profiler